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What, Exactly, Are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins constitute a unique virtual currency, the brainchild of a guy who opted to remain anonymous and went by an alias – Satoshi Nakamoto – when he mooted the idea back in 2009.

Of course, the idea of having a currency that you cannot touch or take to the bank was not always welcome, but now top bitcoin casinos treat it like any other respectable currency.

You will be surprised even some merchants are accepting bitcoins as payment for their webhosting services, and even for other offline services like those offered in grooming parlors.

Where to Get Bitcoins

Bitcoins move around within the virtual world, we have mentioned, and you cannot hold them in commercial banks. So, how the heck do you acquire them? You surely cannot say, let me have bitcoins and they magically appear, can you?

Well, you know the way you can buy gold, which in itself can be used as a medium of exchange – like a currency, to put it simply – so can you buy bitcoins. The places you buy bitcoins are known as bitcoin exchanges, and you use your conventional currency such as dollars to buy the bitcoins online.

E-commerce is advancing every day, you know… The cost of the bitcoins will depend on the market supply and demand; the same principle that determines the price of goods.

There is also another method that is called mining, where you embark on solving complex mathematical puzzles and in the process you generate bitcoins.

However, this is something you can get into later, since today is dedicated to casino fun and how we can utilize bitcoins to maximize it. Soon you will see how top bitcoin casinos have improved your gaming experience by embracing the use of bitcoins.

Bitcoins Can Pay For a Wide Variety of Casino Games

Bitcoin lovers cherish the fact they can play a wide variety of games in any of the top bitcoin casinos. They find the people running such casinos being open minded and progressive, because not only are they liberal with the currencies they accept, but they also keep up with trending games.

Some of them even have their unique games designed in-house, which gives a tinge of freshness to your gaming experience.

Some of the games you are bound to find at the casinos embracing bitcoins include blackjack, Hold ‘em poker, roulette, Bovada, slots, and ignition.

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Which Casinos Use Bitcoins?

Some years back, you would have had to scratch your head to recall which casinos used bitcoins, but today such casinos are many. Nonetheless, there are those ones that have distinguished themselves as top bitcoin casinos. Those ones do not just accept bitcoins as a weak option, but they actually encourage you to bet and make deposits in bitcoins.

At Betway Casino, for example, not only do you have opportunity to pay for your games using bitcoins, you are also eligible for the bonuses the casino offers in pounds. In short, using bitcoins as your gaming currency at top bitcoin casinos does not jeopardize your chances of enjoying the casino benefits.

At Betway, you stand to enjoy the casino’s welcoming bonuses whose top limit is in the tune of £6,000.

At another bitcoin friendly casino, Jackpot City, soon after registration you are eligible for a winter season bonus of $1,600 despite the fact that you are gaming in bitcoins. When you do not understand the status of bitcoins in the gaming world, you probably fear you might lose such bonuses.

Let us just say the use of bitcoins in the gaming world has been a big success in the recent years.

Other top bitcoin casinos include Royal Panda, EnergyCasino, SlotsMagic, Mansion, King Billy Casino and others. Even casinos like 888 that are known to accept major world currencies like the US dollar and the Sterling pound have not locked out the bitcoin. You still can use it to bet, spin, and do all sorts of fun things at the online casino.

Casinos Using Bitcoins Are Secure

How is security within casinos accepting bitcoins? The answer is: normal. Just because you are making your bets in bitcoin does not mean you can get away with cheating either the casino or other players. The casinos will also not let you jeopardize the security of other players’ information.

Take one of the top bitcoin casinos for example – the Indio Casino. It is licensed in one of the Caribean islands, Curacao, a place associated with fun, and not, really, stringent rules. Yet there are countries that the casino has ruled out when it comes to participating in their gaming activities, because it has reservations regarding their software providers.

Those countries cut across Europe, Asia and elsewhere; countries like Belgium, France, Portugal, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, South Africa, the Philippines and others.

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At the same time, bitcoin casinos have made a point of safeguarding your bitcoin wallets the same way they safeguard customers’ bank accounts. Say you are already a regular at one of the top bitcoin casinos. Every time you want to transact from your bitcoin wallet, the system demands that you key in your login details. And, of course, those ones are private.

You will also succeed in using your wallet only if you are using the device the casino recognizes. So if you are a gaming enthusiast from India, you need not worry that some internet savvy thug might steal your details and access your bitcoin wallet from, say, the Philippines.

Once the casino systems detect a change of physical location as your wallet is being accessed, a red flag is raised. In short, bit coin casinos have put measures in place to make it difficult for your wallet to be hacked.

Bitcoin Transactions are Fast

When you win your dollars or pounds in a casino, sometimes it takes a couple of days for you to receive the actual cash in your bank account. On the contrary, when you use bitcoins to bet and play various online casino games, any winnings you make get into your bitcoin wallet instantaneously.

Incidentally, many of the casinos that have gained popularity over the years for their wide variety of online games, their exemplary service provision and other benefits, have ended up among the top bitcoin casinos.

Their versatility means they are always at the forefront in giving the customers what they want. Betting enthusiasts particularly like the fact that payments and withdrawals in these casinos are convenient and swift.